Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Started with a BANG!

Demo is underway. They started taking down the plaster when BANG! The rad pulled away from the wall (by ITSELF!) and fell onto the floor.  Apparently it was held up by a couple of anchors in the plaster - the original installers didn't bother with studs*

Water came through the ceiling and started tap tap tapping my shoulder while I stirred dinner. What the hell? I grabbed a bucket in time for it to pour down. The roof and the pot lights are pretty soaked but not to worry, because as soon as the sun comes out, the kitchen ceiling is getting torn off and tossed into the bin!

We are now waiting for the sun! They might engineer something (a tarp) to keep the water out while they work...depends how much it rains over the next few days.

*The rad in my sons' room is also pulling away from the wall. We (Dad) McGuivered it until the contractor could fix it properly. While the boiler system is off, the contractor is going to take down the other two rads (my bedroom and the toy room) and make sure they are mounted correctly.  

ps. They found my older son's Paris Tour Bus...a diecast toy that had been missing since he was 2yrs old. We bought it IN Paris and ended up getting a second one on ebay when we couldn't find it (All this time I thought we left it at Gap Kids). When we showed him, he said "whatever." and shrugged. My younger son was pretty excited!  

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