Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Master Bath

Master Bathroom

I think I have the master bathroom planned. I am not 100 percent confident that this is how the room will look - I don't feel confident in my design. It seems a little hap-hazard. A bunch of things I like very much, but I 'm not sure they all go together.

The design for the master bath vanity needs to be submitted this week. I would like a floating vanity with some really wicked wood finish (like this). The nearly five foot cabinet will be split into three sections: two doors, two drawers, with a open shelf below for towel storage (like this).

The floor is still up in the air unconfirmed, I am leaning towards white marble, with a small accent of black marble (or grey if black is too harsh) at the end of each tile. Sarah Richardson did it well here.

The lighting has hasn't been finalized. We will use the vintage chrome chandelier that is hanging in our current bathroom (cost $5), as well as two sconces scored on ETSY for $300 (Shipped from France, hoping I don't get smacked with duty and taxes!!! Notice that they sell for $2350 on 1stdibs!)

Can you see it? Tips?

ps. I am supposed to go tile shopping this weekend to make sure I don't fall in love with something that is back ordered.

pps. The lighting is matchy matchy - I hope in a good way...but I can always find a different pendant. The sconces were love. 

pps. These sconces are cheap and amazing too! (You can always email the seller and make them an offer...)

UPDATE: I found a new spot for the I am free to pick a light for this room! I changed the polyvore set to put in my most recent chandelier obsession!
UPDATE 2: Nothing in my house is warm wood tones...not even one piece of furniture...maybe I should go white or black for the vanity...this is tough man. I feel like I should pay someone to tell me what I like. I have been looking at so many beautiful things, I have no idea what I like! Oh well... 


  1. I love it! I have a marble floor and highly suggest you seal it and use a light grey grout. We used white and it is impossible to clean. The marble is soft and can't stand a deep brushing so be sure!! Or consider marmoleum, it is sooooo nice and really durable! Otherwise, I think it's beautiful. Trust your instincts and go for it!

  2. Love those sconces, but agree that the pendant might be too match matchy. How about tub/sink fixtures? Have you picked yet?

  3. i like the small touches of black in the light fixtures and flooring that ties everything together. it's a little busy, but in an awesome kelly wearstler kinda way...

  4. haven't picked them yet
    chrome, gooseneck
    boring :)

  5. The vanity will not be looking as wild and crazy as I'd like - costs WAY too much!

    There will be grain, but more on the texture side, then the pattern side, I think? If that makes any sense??? hopefully i get to see the vanity before i have to finalize the tiles! i am betting on that!

  6. Oh and the pendant is OUT! Found it a new home!!

  7. Oh my, KW? i know what you mean but her rooms arent typical designs i am drawn to!

    I think i have to take down the two tone on the cabinet, and then i can ge away with the floor! time to tile shop!!!

  8. I haven't had time to check in with your blog in a few days and wow -a lot's been going on over here! I have a couple things to chime in on: Did you ever see the 1st Dibs founders fabulous house (sparse and fabulous!)? Well, anyhow, he speaks about how he just always buys stuff he likes, without consideration of how things will fit together, and that the end result is a highly personalized space. Now, I know that might be an easier philosophy for a LR than a bathroom but I think the main point still rings true. I really like all your choices, especially a floating vanity. I wonder if you might consider ebonized wood or ebonized and limed to get the punch you're after without the warm tone of wood? Are you matching the grout on your floor and walls? Good luck on tile shopping, I'm sure there's a dizzying array from which to choose. p.s. I've not been reading much lately either, my brain is rotting ;(

  9. I love that vintage lucite pendant light but I am not loving it in a bathroom. I can't imagine the combination of high humidity, lint and dusk would be too kind to the lucite prisms. They would probably lose their luster in no time, or you are going to need to clean them often. I've learned it the hard way.

  10. The only thing I think is DOUBLE SINKS! I never got why couples complained about having only one sink or celebrated having two, but now that I live with my boyfriend, I dream about them. Really, it was funny when I caught myself in IKEA saying to Tony, "Babe, double sinks are the dream" and I was totally serious.