Friday, May 2, 2014


I went to the Book Sale at St Regis College (UofToronto Campus) and indulged! I haven't been reading much. I've been logging hours at the computer staring at pinterest, etsy and ebay every night. Trying to make the right decorating decisions. I find that after staring at a screen, when it comes time to sleep, my brain has a difficult time shutting down. So, back to the books!


  1. I JUST finished Shanghai Girls and it's so depressing!!!! Totally woke me up about Chinese immigrants and what they had to go through to get here. More and more my heart goes out to New Canadians making the move to this country for a better life only to find it's totally not what they expected. Now I'm reading a book on the topic of the Holocaust. I need some light reading next!

  2. So get it!! I want to read the painted bird...but i just can't bring myself to do it! I day!

    You know, we take so much for granted it's sickening. I am not sure how to give back or make things better or help or whatever because I am so privileged and sheltered that I don't even see the know? Do I make sense? I have to work hard to see the areas where I could help, that need my help. It's pushed out just far enough from my world that I can forget (ignore) the shit that's going down for people not as fortunate as we are - RIGHT NOW...

    Reading does make me realize how fortunate we are, and not in a: "let's randomly say I'm so blessed once in a while" sort of way... I don't want to be an asshole in this life....I ask myself how can I avoid being an uppity isolated spoiled white lady? Well...that's pretty tough since I am exactly that (and hey, obviously it has it's perks)...

    I try to be generous, but I know damn well I don't do enough. I know it and I don't fix it. Then I read something that shakes the pedestal I sit on and I once again find myself LOOKING for ways to help.

    Do you think more people would get involved if it was easier, or do you think it IS easy to get involved, but more comfortable to sit back and do nothing and claim "oh it's so hard"...

    OK not where you were going with this, but a topic that is always on my mind.

  3. No I get it for sure. We went to a little film festival last night and saw a short called Tala ( about a Filipino nanny/cleaning girl in Quebec. It hit me pretty hard as well. You don't realize the suffering new Canadians are going through until you see it written or through a lens like the film. How could we unless we really submerge ourselves into their lives and even then we could never get it. It's definitely easier to sit back. Blah.

  4. The thing is, even talking about it is probably gross to people...i mean, that's part of what i despise about blogging - i am sorta celebrating (flaunting?) this lifestyle that I share with a ton of other people, and it is frivolous waste of time...

  5. if someone in my inner circle was fund raising for a cause, or getting volunteers, i wouldn't hesitate - take my money and free time. But the faceless organization, or the door to door campaigner, i am distrustful. I want to start a spring campaign to sweep your fucking is there an annual clean up the trash after winter