Monday, April 14, 2014


It's Monday!

Normally I have the house tidy, last night's dishes away, the groceries unpacked, the floors cleaned - shit is locked down by 11am.

Today that's not going to happen... 

Four colds (not funny how fast it spread), a salt gargle with an audience (my older son offered helpful advice, like "drink some lemon water mom, to get rid of the taste" as I gargle-gagged the saltiest water I could handle), doggie got a hair cut (stuffed doggie), playdoh was reanimated and two toddler-paced strolls to the butcher to get the right ingredients for dinner...oh and I washed my hair (trade off, you know, clean hair vs clean house - can't always have both!)

ps. tonight we are having turkey and wild rice soup. I bought a whole chicken cut up (the butcher's idea) and pan seared one half to build today's broth and saved the other half for congee on Wednesday)...also having pasta with artichoke hearts and chickpeas (or something), tomorrow it's asparagus, sweet potato something and turkey breast (enormous breast is sitting in saltiest water IT can handle, along with maple syrup), Wednesday will be congee and Lion's head meatballs...Thursday pork and green beans...and Good Friday we have friends over! 

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