Monday, April 14, 2014

From Kijiji


Yesterday, my husband drove to Grimsby (about 1hr 20 mins to get there) for this light fixture.

It's AMAZING! (He's amazing too!!)  It's glass and brass (not acrylic), heavy, and so so beautiful.

We paid C$175.

There is a similar 1960's light, made from Mazzega Murano glass, obviously even classier (and larger) than this one, for $10,500. Can you believe that? 1st dibs kills me. Ours is definitely a clunker, but still so so so pretty...

I think it will look great in the new master over the bed, hanging from the vaulted ceiling.

ps. it feels good to be trolling Clist again! I missed it! And I didn't realize Kijiji is getting big in GTA now too!
pps. here's a photo from the kijiji ad. the light is too heavy to fully assemble just to show n' tell.

ppps. I know I already had a light for the master, but new shit has come to light man....