Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Art: Frances Watt

A pen and ink drawing from Ebay by Frances Watt.

When I bought it, I didn't pay attention to the size because I loved it so much! I knew it had to be small because they offered free shipping, but I didn't look at the dimensions: tiny! And I love that it's tiny!

There's an Adrian Ensor photo I have my eye on (but the price tag is too high unless I can find the perfect spot for it), and the Frances Watt reminds me of it. Same feel, right? Masculine, cream, grey and black...

There are plenty of very affordable sketches by FW on ebay*, sold by Sulis Fine Art, from the artist's estate. You could pick up three and make a small series. I mean, if you love them as much as I do!

I am not sure how to frame it. It depends where it will go. An over-sized off white mat, portrait oriented, in a skinny black frame (you said you didn't like black frames! Yes, yes I did, but this is different! This is calling for black), or a simple 4-5" mat in a slim black, square or portrait frame...

* Search ebay for Frances Watt, under Art Dealers & Resellers. There are 373 hits! The most expensive is about $100, the least expensive $11. This one cost $23usd.

ps. Unrelated but not, there is a painting that I really love, I have considered buying it (I even contacted the seller and I was this close!), but I shy away from pink AND it's in Niagara so I have to beg my parents to pick it up! It's only $25 people! Oh man, maybe I should buy it...oh man! I love it so much! What do you think? It is you love it?? It's the ink scrolls in there that make me go wheeeee! (picture it in a white frame!)


  1. Love the Watt piece. I'd be tempted to frame it without a mat in a tiny frame to keep the piece feeling intimate. Those mat less frame jobs can be uber expensive but you've already gotten such a steal on the art!
    p.s. still waiting for some pictures of your demo :) !

  2. I better get going on the office! I need to move everything out... I
    think the contractor starts in a week, maybe two? I haven't been paying
    attention to the weeks and I really have no clue. (original start date
    was third week in march but that was revised to sometime very very soon)
    my mind I still haven't committed to the fact that THIS IS HAPPENING! I
    raked the front yard and planted clover seeds as if it wont be trampled
    by 1000 bootsteps and scaffolding in a few weeks...eek!

    ok, I am calling the contractor now...time to stop procrastinating!

  3. I could see the watt in your home too! I could do a tiny frame! They aren't so bad...

    I have to find out how much it costs to reframe a piece but keep the existing glass and mat...because there are too many ugly frames out there

    do you think quality frames will "date' or just cheap frames?

  4. Gosh, I guess high quality frames in black or white that are square in the profile don't date. I agree, there ARE too many fugly frames out there!!! I usually go with white these days, or maple if it's a contemporary piece. I agree with you about black for that sweet little drawing because of the off-white paper.