Monday, April 7, 2014

Two more weeks

The start date for the house renovation was supposed to be the last week of March. It was pushed back to the third week of April (two weeks from now). Our contractor is finishing up another job, and waiting for permits. 

In the meantime, I cleared the office. The desk and computer were relocated to the master bedroom, the tallboy to the hallway, and the brown chair to the boys room. The room is sad.

As for the new bathrooms, I am thinking white square tiles on walls, large slate tiles on the floor. I collected examples in my pinterest board. That's all I got for now! I will make most design decisions on the fly. 

Design/decor dates so quickly. How do you pick something timeless? Impossible!

ps. when we put up the shelves, I thought they were forever! sad. 
pps. I think (feel free to disagree) that whenever we TRY SO HARD!!! to pick things that are timeless, we end up dating ourselves. The stuff that everyone is so damn certain about today has a pretty good chance of being called hideous in a decade or two. You know? And if you try to go against main stream on purpose - good luck! things will get a little weird! So I am going to pick the best of what I find out there. Not the most expensive (I hope) but whatever appeals to me. The plan is to keep it simple, make sure things follow the right lines and everything makes sense. Blah blah blah opinions or something...

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