Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just how big is 13'4" anyways?

I was checking out the new master bedroom dimensions (13'4" x 15'5") vs. the old room (15'6"x 12'3")...

Here's where 13'4 ends (top photo).

Makes sense, 15'6 - 13'4 = 2'2" , the room will be 2 feet shorter in length. The windows in the existing master are in an alcove/bay that is 1'5" deep, so the rooms should feel pretty close in size.

The room will be 15'5" - 12' 3" = 3'3" deeper. Making the distance between the dresser and the bed 3 feet wider. 

More or less the same square footage, but I am counting on it feeling larger

ps. It looks pretty boring in the above photos...time for new bedding!

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