Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Picnic Party

We went to Centre Island for a picnic for my son's 5th birthday. 

We need to talk about the food! Everything was sooo delicious! Great recipes. Here are the links:
  1. Olive tapanade on baguette - this was my favorite. 
  2. Roast chicken wings - just olive oil, salt and pepper. I made these the morning of and brought them in warm. I cook them at 400 for 50 mins or so...
  3. Green bean and tomato salad with tarragon dressing - just good! Eat your veggies! (Mixed the veggies with dressing at the park)
  4. Quinoa salad with sugar snap peas and pumpkin seeds - yum (added the seeds at the park)
  5. Chickpea salad with basil 
  6. Pasta Salad - this was a jamie oliver recipe, technically, but I put my own spin on the dressing (mixed the veggies and the dressing at the park)
  7. Nacho dip - it's a family thing. We have this at every get together. Secrets.
  8. Other: mini cupcakes, bread sticks, hummus and cut veggies, watermelon and grapes, bagels, granola bars, juice boxes and bottled water.
It was a challenge getting everything to and from Centre Island. We had to park downtown, then carry everything to the ferry, then carry it to the picnic tables, then carry it from ride to ride. We used our wagon and the stroller and it all fit, more or less. We grabbed two tables next to the water in the busiest part of the park (not on purpose), threw together a string of balloons so friends and family could find us, and started to eat!!

After lunch the kids went on rides at the amusement park for hours. We took the ferry home around 5pm.

Park vs backyard: BACKYARD WINS EVERY TIME...because sipping on wine, white sangria, or a cold beer with lunch would have made everything better! Although I do appreciate the fact that the picnic prep happens the day before and morning of, so you can just relax at the party. When you host in your home you are constantly doing.

ps. We also made really simple loot bags. A organization tote/giant pencil case, smarties, glow in the dark things and a pen.
pps. When the reno is done (part 1 of reno) we are going to have a backyard party, like a housewarming. I want to invite all of you and all your people and cook up a storm!    
ppps. I forgot the big camera, and didn't take many photos, so I borrowed two from a friend. Thanks JJ!


  1. That food sounds and looks delicious! I'm impressed you were able to carry it all around downtown and the island. I love having parties at home so I don't have to carry anything anywhere, but I agree that the prep never ends when you're at home. I always end up stuck in the kitchen!

  2. Sounds crazy and fun! We're having our biennial family reunion at the end of June - I'll be sure to try some of these recipes!

  3. Wow looks great but man, so much work. My kid's birthday is coming up too and we're thinking something outside too!

  4. Hey! I made the olive tapenade yesterday for a BBQ I went to and people loved it! Thanks for the heads up - it was delish. I also made the chickpea salad awhile back - pretty good too!