Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Art

I recently picked up three pictures.
The first is a print of a water colour that I totally couldn't tell was a print until I unframed it, and saw the bottom corner (742/1000). Now I see it plain as day, but I was taken in. I love this shade of blue and peach. I want to go there - to walk down this street. It could be a tourist print, that's my guess...someone's souvenir.($2)

The second is an original painting by "Andrew MacIntyre" from "12C". The exuberant signature on the back of the board makes me think it was a highschool art project. Well done AMac, I give you an A+, $10 (The blue matte makes me crazy)

The third is a photo of a smoking broad I found in a Miami Beach thrift store. I left it behind at first, but later regretted it and went back to buy it. Why do I like this one? There's a story here. Her story, the anonymous photographer's story (why was this photo at the thrift? There was a stack, each one affixed to a board as if they had been previously framed.). What would they think about landing in my hands, and becoming part of my 'collection'? I honestly wish I had bought the entire stack of photos. The laughing grandmother, the sweaty youth, the stern grandpa, the bum passed out in a doorway...oh I can't remember them all... You know why I didn't buy them? Because I figured they weren't valuable. I also figured I would look like a bit of jerk for liking them so much. They were photos of real people, all a bit hard, you know? but to me, they would be characters, something 'cool' for my walls.


  1. yes, the step will add character and how nice not to have your kitchen ceiling ripped off.

  2. so awesome my kitchen will be left alone!

    we are putting the step up in the existing hallway, it will be more of a landing than just a little stair...and he will rebuild the wainscoting and door casing to look like the step was always there. It also helps with the transition between the old quarter sawn hardwood and the new quartersawn hardwood

  3. We have little steps all over the place and they do add character - can't wait to see the finished room!