Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Opened up the walls and OH NO!

We went to Miami Beach last Wednesday, returned yesterday (It was amazing!) Before we left, we cleared everything out of the kitchen, expecting the drywall ceiling to be removed while we were away.

My husband was checking the security cameras (baby cams) frequently. He had pointed one at the kitchen and we could see that nothing was happening. Nothing. Uh-oh.

When the contractor opened up the roof from above, he found steel beams above the windows. Three steel beams, where the drawings had shown one steel beam, wooden supports, and a jackpost. Our amped up structure meant he couldn't build the canitilever the way he was planning.

The options: A steel cage attached to the steel beams, or a step up (building the new floor on top of the existing.)

We decided to do the step up. It will save time and money, and we like the idea of it (adds character!)

These photos show the back room, the new joists are already being installed - they carry on right over the sides of the house. The drywall in the kitchen will remain intact and they are building over it.

Good news: My kitchen isn't coming down
Bad news: A step. Except this really isn't bad news, because I don't mind it at all!


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