Monday, June 16, 2014

Clover Yard

Every spring we question our decision to put in the clover lawn. The lawn looks patchy and sad, like an empty weedy mud lot.  This year I bought a jumbo bag of clover seeds to help it fill in. Only thing was - I bought dwarf clover seeds*. 

So, I am back to my starting point (3 years ago) of nagging the landscapers for a source for the seeds they used.

Small annoyance, because the clover we have has sprouted up and looks wonderful!

I don't want to mow it this an experiment.  A few more seasons and I will be able to create a city dwellers guide to clover lawn. I am determined to get this right. It is definitely not as carefree and easy as it seems....or maybe it would be, if I had the right seeds!

*I've used at least two small bags of clover seeds on my lawn already, but it never seemed to make a difference. That's why I went for the jumbo bag this year - and the description on the jumbo bag says "dwarf!" The website and the small bags don't mention it.

ps. you can see how other weeds have taken over in several areas around the edges. This is where I over seeded with the smaller clovers. They are there, but tiny. You can also see them in the bottom photo in the bottom right corner.


  1. I love this. Do you have to water?

  2. We water when we plant new seeds - that's it!

  3. So I had the opposite problem - I intentionally bought dwarf clover seeds to seed the bare patches of my lawn, but when I went to order more they only had regular size! We planted it because I read it was resistant to dog damage. We shall see! So far I love it. I wish we had taken the time to rip out all the patchy sod we had instead of just over seeding.