Sunday, June 22, 2014

New art, new rug

I bought a rug-hooked rug ('folk art') and a painting today from  "...Of Things Past"

Really excited about both finds. I went in hoping the painting was still there, but doubted it. I looked, and looked. The boys were waiting outside in the car but I took my time. After I gave up and started looking at the dishes, that's when I saw it! Sitting on a hutch in the middle of the store. The store is jam packed full of furniture right now. This is the fullest I have ever seen it!*

I came across the rug on my way out. I want to rug hook rug pillows (upcoming project that may take me two years to complete), so this caught my eye. This rug has been there for ages so it was heavily discounted. I love it!! I think I have the perfect spot for it at the cottage, I just need to shake it out and clean it up a bit. 

I want a large worn out Persian rug for the main area of the cottage. I don't have enough rug knowledge to spot good value. Not sure that I want to trust Craigslist with this purchase. Perhaps an estate sale would be a good place to look? I would be comfortable trusting consignment shops (who have appraisers). We could also go retail but it's such a big ticket item. I am not sure. We aren't quite ready to buy yet. Would you buy a second hand rug?

*I just signed up for updates on Of Things Past website so I don't miss any sales....feels like they will need to move stuff soon- they are jammed!


  1. yes, I would absolutely buy a second hand rug, especially if you're considering a persian.

  2. You should talk to Pam at Cherish about rugs! She is an expert in my view...
    Love the painting!