Thursday, June 26, 2014

Painting the Stucco

We went with a stock colour for the stucco. It was a bit lighter than the old addition, but really hard to see much of a difference, and they told me that it would darken over time.

I tried to like it.

I tried to be chill.

I'm not that person*.

So we are painting it, painting everything!...and soon. I set out for Benjamin Moore yesterday afternoon dragging my two boys in the wagon (one fell asleep, the other took truck photos). I bought some sample pots. Put the colours up, watched them dry and we had a clear winner. 

Benjamin Moore River Gorge Grey.

I painted several large areas to test it (you can see them above). It is darker than what we had. I don't dare go darker than this, because the windows will start to look wrong.

*It's too white, too yellow, too pink, and just not working...if the entire addition was all the same colour, I could deal, but because only the top is off, it just looks wrong.


  1. The top and bottom colours appear the same in the second picture. The bottom is in shadow so it will always look darker right? But I am all for painting the whole thing to have a consistent colour. I can't live with things like this if I know they are going to bug me from time to time. Great colour choice!

  2. Yah it seems ok sometimes but most of the time it's just different enough to be those sneaky undertones...

    I painted a sample that was too light on the bottom and the top, and it pretty much blended into the top, but was jumping out at me on the bottom...that's how I knew KNEW PROOF that I wasn't crazy. I SCIENTIFIC and stuff!