Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boys Bathroom

Mirror was installed in the boys bathroom this morning.

Once the mirror went up it became obvious we need to tile around the window - finish that entire wall in tile. sigh.

I love the floor tile, even though the black grout is super dirty and turning white.  I need to get a scrub brush since the grout is sunk into the floor, not level with the tile, and debris gets trapped.

The tub is the bomb. It is six feet long with drain and filler in the middle, allowing a child to sit at each side. The hand held shower should come in handy for washing the kids.

The cubbies make me happy! The shelf is a beautiful solid piece of wood. The sconces are vintage from etsy.

I want to love this room, but, in equal parts I like the wall tiles and want to rip them out. I guess it's not the tiles, it's the thickness of the grout. The grout is too chunky and way more graphic than I had intended (or maybe I was just wrong). I guess that's something I can and will get used to. The real 'problem' is that the black grout emphasizes the chipped edge of every single cut tile - every tile that is not whole is chipped/frayed at the edge. I don't know what they can do about it. We will wait until September and see. I can probably get used to this too. Is it normal?

ps. The sink is on back order.
pps. Likely using this light
Boys bathroom


  1. I am having the same pause/regret with the dark grout in our girls' bathroom - I used the big 4x8 white subway tiles, and the grout also looks a bit frayed at the cut edges, but also on the edges of some of the full tiles! imperfections I guess...I also wondered if it was a bit too busy. Once I got everything in the room, shower curtain, art, etc, it was much less noticeable to me. There are a few spots that will always drive me crazy...but I still love the overall look. Your sconces? Amazing.

  2. Love the floors....and your sconces are killer.

  3. I agree you should finish tiling the window wall or stop at the tub. The bathroom looks great as is...I really like the tiled tub skirt. Black grout is very appropriate for a masculine bath and I am sure you will appreciate it as the boys are growing up.

  4. I really like this. I agree about the tiles around the window, how smart! One idea I had about working with the strong geometry you have is to paint the window and trim black, it might make a great counter-focal point (and maybe even the door too).

  5. It looks great! I agree that you have to do the window area. Maybe the "graphicness" of the grout / tile will soften once you have other details in there? Even towels, etc. will give some texture to the room.
    That tub is amazing! Love it!

  6. The floors, sconces and shelf are stunning. I, too, have mixed feelings about dark grout - the good thing is you can always regrout later if it's not working for you.

  7. Ooh I like this idea! Black window trim :-) DO IT!

  8. The grout in a bathroom at a trendy NYC restaurant (they are all trendy to me) was black and it looked worse than ours...Except, when you walked in, it was a pretty darn good looking room! Of course I was looking for problem areas...