Friday, July 4, 2014

Thrifting in Barrie

We hit up the Goodwill, Value Village and 400 Antiques Mall in Barrie and came home with a ton of new stuff! Most of it will be sent up to the cottage. I have maybe seven minutes to type up a quick post when I should be a) washing my feet, I cleaned the floors but my poor feet! b) folding laundry c) washing dishes

Oh well, let's go, here's what I bought and why!
1- Chunky acrylic painting. Fell in love. It's the chunky goopy paint. Who doesnt love a good thick gob of dried paint on canvas? From the 400 mall $45. You will find a bunch of small landscape paintings there in the $35-50 if that's your thing!
2- plant watering dodad for cottage so I can have a plant without actually watering it
3- pretty dish
4- covered basket that makes me cross-eyed. to put ugly stuff in, obviously.
5- basket with handles, for other stuff to go in
6- tablecloth
7- cutlery
8- bowls. I need cereal bowls, these brown ones (ridgeway?) are a nice size, the amber bowls I don't need but couldn't pass up because matchy matchy*.
9 - wooden bowls and a perfect salad dressing serving thing
10 - 3 West Elm hammered metal bowls and a little copper dish

 Ok, I hear little feet running up the stairs...later!

*I posted a picture of my cottage dishes on IG earlier today.


  1. love that yellow cutlery, that's a score.

  2. The 400 Market is really close to us (and our cottage too), but I've never dropped in. I love small vintage landscape oils. Did you take some pictures? I am going there next week!

  3. LOVE that painting!!! Almost as much as the cutlery :)

  4. Nice finds! The cutlery is so cheery, love it.