Monday, July 7, 2014

Trim work complete

Doors, casings, and all trim work was finished today. The electricians are done. Plumbers come back tomorrow to install the tub faucet (centered on the six foot tub), then the tiling in the boys bathroom can be finished. There is marble in the master bathroom!

Tomorrow they are going to build the shelving system inside the master closets. The glass guy is coming to measure for the bathroom mirrors (I am also setting mirrors inside the master closet doors again). The contractor wants to take away all the garbage and make space for the aluminim guys. That crew will be here Wednesday/Thursday to do the soffit, facia and eaves. (I picked the colour, pretty close match, cross your fingers)

The contractor is leaving next week for the summer, coming back sometime in September. He is confident we will be done in a week. I don't know about this. That's not a lot of time.  

The vanity in the master bathroom is coming soon. I am bracing myself for disappointment. They couldn't give me the wood doors I was requesting. Why? Because I am vague as hell and don't really know what I am talking about. I sent him several sample photos of wood I adored, but none of said wood happened to be on cabinetry. Plus we aren't spending a million dollars, and he would rather not get into exotic veneers. I ended up okaying bookended maple doors today.  I have no idea what stain colour. I gave them this olive wood container I love the tone of and they are going for that...but it had many tones in it. I asked for know? Can you send me a photo of this thing being built? Can I go see it? ...Nope. I guess I have to trust them and be prepared for something average. The plus side is that it is a custom floating vanity with lots of storage. Even if it's ugly (it wont be ugly), at this point I am still spoiled. Really, it will be fine. Worse worse case I throw up and cry a bit before I fall in love with the drawer space and forget that anything else mattered. It's odd to invest so much emotion into a stupid built in (very un-buddha, but I don't have to tell you)...we all do it, don't we?    

The floors are supposed to be a perfect match. They will arrive tomorrow or Thursday and get installed early next week.

Bathroom tile, mirrors, fixtures, painting, flooring, exterior. I think that's it.

ps. I still do not have light fixtures for the boys bathroom. I need two sconces and a ceiling light.
pps. little feet again...have to run!


  1. OOOH - I'm SO jealous of your moulding. Someday I'd love to redo the moulding in my place. Would you mind if I asked where you got it? or was it sourced by your contractor?

  2. Everything sourced by the contractor! Solid hard wood...gorgeous stuff!!!

  3. The trim work looks great! And I must add I'm *loving* the hex tile you chose for the bathroom floor!!

  4. Haha love your attempt at being ok at the end of this post. Hey, you'll always have the marble and in many cases that makes a lot of things ok. Project is moving moving moving! Congrats, everything is looking great so far!

  5. Love that big hex tile in your washroom. Would you mind sharing where you got it from?

  6. Add me to the chorus of fans of the hex tile! Can't wait to see the bathrooms when they're done.

  7. Hey michelle. I think the wood is from central fairbanks lumber. :)

  8. hey kat! the hex tile is from the tile store :