Thursday, August 28, 2014

Moved the truck photos, now the curtains seem too light

I love the truck photo wall! I grouped the pictures by colour, using a level here and there to check the lines. We have a backlog of 100 or so photos my son wants to print. Actually, 155 more pictures, I just checked. I will have to negotiate that number down a bit, or we need to swap some out.

A handful of photos have my sons in them, posing beside or on the trucks (the science center car, the jeep at the LA children's museum, the zoo trucks, centreville ride, etc...) Really great memories!! I can't believe how small my older son was when we started this!

Oh and new pillows! I bought the blue DKNY Euro Shams for $9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond Clearance at the beginning of summer. The NYC pillow cases are from Urban Outfitters - I had them in the basement for a time. I brought them out today because mama (that's me) and ba (my husband) are going to NYC for two nights while they spend time here with their grandparents.

What do you think about the curtains? Too light now? They are silk from west elm - at least five years old. I am not bold enough to dye them. Or am I?  Hmmm.... Any thoughts?

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