Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toy Room

Here is one big ugly dinged up blank wall!

The 3M poster tape that was holding the truck photos worked fine on my plaster walls, but tore up the drywall. We have, like, one drywall wall in the house, and of course...

So what to do here? My first thought was to hang the fun art*! 

Then, I thought, since I have to paint the wall anyways, why not base coat it with magnetic paint? One giant magnet wall!**  That way, we have yet another display space for the bins full of artwork that is produced by my children! Plus, no wall damage!

Oh man, another idea just flashed through my head...a wall of skinny bookshelves to put books facing out on. Like book rails. You know?

Or wait a second!!!! I have more art around the house, a floor to ceiling gallery wall - THAT COULD WORK...that's the easiest of all the options (in a way) because it only requires more holes, and I don't have to buy anything new! Super excited now!  Where is my hammer????

*I think art needs to have something below it.
**I have no idea how much that would cost, so I might have to revise this plan into reality

ps. Time to take down the clothesline! I loved that thing!

UPDATE: Gallery walls are evil tricks you play on yourself. Next time I say I am going to hang art floor to ceiling, no biggies, shake me and talk me out of it. I am leaving it like this and I will come back to look at it after the trip:

 Just one more...


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I just love the trucks. This room has so much personality. Yahoo for a kids' bedroom that doesn't look like a catalog!

  2. You could just dye the bottom- ombre style- or is that trend over?

  3. I vote for dying them a darker colour to help balance out the truck photo wall!

  4. You are so talented! You are definitely bold enough to dye them!

  5. God I dunno about trends! I am thinking maybe grey though...except I have grey in the toy room, so maybe I should just swap them and get two more? hmmmm...

  6. Here here!!! or is it hear hear? So dumb

  7. Thanks Amanda! Maybe I need to do it in a big bucket? or bin....or my top loader washer at the cottage?

  8. Could be a fun project for the cottage?! I think a navy blue or charcoal would be amazing! But you have the great eye, just go for it!
    And then when you are finished with all your projects you can come help me with mine ;)