Monday, September 1, 2014


Duration: 2 nights, 3 days
Hotel: W Union Square
Transit: Air Canada into Newark, NJTransit to Penn Stn
Attractions: Tenement Museum, Moma, 9/11 Museum, Theatre (You can't take it with you)
Food: Bao Haus, Babbo, Eataly, Dominque Ansel, Fat Radish, Stanton Social, MUD, Hu Kitchen, Mighty Quinns
Shopping: Madewell, Century 21, Nordstrom Rack

We spent Friday to Sunday morning in NYC. I came home with a carry on full of new things and a nasty head cold (poor me).

Loved the shopping, the food, the walking around. A bit disappointed with people watching. I didn't get excited by anything the girls were wearing: Boots and teeny tiny jean shorts with crop tops. Mom jeans, or at least higher waists. Not a lot of tight. Summer dresses and boots was another staple. Wide leg cropped black trousers. It's not easy to separate the locals from the tourists, so I was mainly checking out the shop girls, restaurant servers and bike riders.
You could spend half a day at the 9/11 museum and memorials. I feel haunted by the images from our short two hour visit. I keep dwelling on it. The entire time I type this, or while I was cleaning out the orange juice I spilled in the fridge this morning, or helping the boys put together hot wheels tracks, part of me is still walking around underground.

Moma got me fired up about Art again. LARGE ART! I want to try something. I don't want to copy, and I don't think I could come up with a masterpiece, so I will sit on my ideas a bit and see where they take me.

The Tenement Museum was excellent! Live history! I want to go back and take the walking tour. 

We went to see You Can't Take it With You, staring James Earl Jones. It was a great piece. Funny and warm! We bought our tickets at the TKTS counter in Brooklyn - there was a 35-45 minute (I really wasn't paying attention, but long) wait in line as of 11am Saturday. Not sure if the wait times for the Times Square TKTS counter is quicker.

I will write a post about my purchases soon! And you can see a few more photos from the trip here.


  1. It was perfect! Except for the head cold...but even that didn't spoil the trip!