Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Here are some of the things I brought back from NYC. From top left:
1) DKNY Jeans Cozy Ease Burnout Vest - Comfy layer.
2) Madewell Firstplace Sweatshirt, cottage green, M
3) DVF Round Pyramid Stud Glove - I needed gloves. Please please don't let me leave these beauties on the subway or at the grocery store
4) Joe's Skinny Ankle Jeans, Shelby  -They have a bleach stain on the back on purpose.
5) Madewell Slim Boyjean Rip & Repair - I wasn't sure about this pair, the shop girls talked me into them. They aren't tight (like a skinny jean) or falling off (how I like to wear boyfriend jeans)...somewhere in between. I ended up wearing them Saturday and Sunday in NYC and I am now in love with the fit!
6) Trapper Hat - probably a trend that is over, but so warm, who cares!
7) Madewell Flannel Ex-boyfriend Buffalo Check
8) White tank - $12
9) Queen Tank - Queen!
10) Madewell Scarf - on sale!
11) Acne Studio Clover Boot, Rust - I have to stretch them a bit...teensy bit
12) Moma book
13) BCBG Cropped Rash Guard -for Mexico!!

Practically a whole new wardrobe!


  1. What? No "I heart NY" tee? Hope you had a fab time!

  2. Nice buys! When is Mexico? #jealous

  3. So I gotta ask...how do you guys afford all these major expenditures - renovations, new cottage, trips. Are you married to a movie star?

  4. Hey Kat! We did this trip on travel points...but I shopped up a storm of course...

    I would feel comfortable saying more if we were chatting face to face, of course!

    ps. my friend is getting married in mexico - so that's just me traveling!

  5. I like those tees!!! I would if it was super soft...or deconstructed with an awesome fit!

  6. In a few months! Going with girlfriends for a wedding! It will be my first time to Mexico!

  7. Thanks DW! The shopping was really great because Nordstrom Rack was having a clear the rack sale (extra 25% off) and century 21 is way different than I recall! I haven't been since I was in my 20's! God I love NYC...to visit. My dream of ever living there (or I should say my desire to ever live there) is over! Toronto rocks!

  8. The last two sentences make me really happy, as someone who has always dreamed of living in NYC, but is likely to end up in Toronto!

    Also, I've always wanted one of those trapper hats and have never got one. :(