Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog Fun!

The foyer is usually overwhelmed with clutter (balls, shoes, bags, toys, more shoes)...This photo reminds me that I have to move my money tree! (except, it seems so happy here!

The extra dirty montauk sofa, an extra sofa, and it's extra dirty - I can't wait until it goes and I can reclaim my living room!

My books! My favorite part of any week is choosing a new book to read...I am reading "Dropped Threads" right now

I finally cleared the extra clutter out of the corners of the dining room...funny how empty space begs you to fill it with boxes of junk and things that are part of your good intentions...I still have to get the chairs back into the living room:

My ligne roset chairs are hiding in here, waiting for the sofa to leave!
Art is taking over this wall two year old traced the whole alphabet - with watercolours...not bad little man!
The kitchen floors are impossible to keep is a little easier now that the boys are back in school. I thought it was difficult when they were toddlers, but now that they feed themselves things get out of control!!!! Back to washing floors daily!

I just gave the basement an overhaul before I grabbed the took me 45 minutes at least. The toys are one thing, but life takes over down here.
Still in love with my large Sean Galbraith photo! I'd like a lower coffee table and we are looking a new couch options

Pretty pumped that this nook made it into a magazine. Super pumped! I keep the desk pretty clear because it ends up piled with electronics (knickknacks and electronics don't mix)
We made a race track out of a box. We are all about race cars these days!

There is a fun chain letter going around and Tanya, from Dans le Lakehouse, tagged me and passed along four questions. The idea is to share a few up to date photos of your place and provide answers.

1.What am I working on?

We just completed our third renovation - adding a new master suite on to the back of the house, and I am organizing us into the new space. We are also updating our 1980's 'cottage*' and having fun decorating it!  

2. How does my work differ from those in my genre?

I don't think it does, really. There is bound to be overlap with other blogs, at least other blogs in this area. However, we are hanging out at my place, and you get to hear my take on things, so that's a bit different!  

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

I like the feedback I get from readers. I like being on display and I also like hiding behind the computer. Plus, blogging forces me to clean up and live tidier than we might otherwise! To be camera ready!

4.  How does your writing creative process work?

What process? If I get more than five minutes on the computer, then I get something onto the internet! I am scattered and need editing. I like the photography part more than the writing part, but even that has suffered for lack of time! (My secret desire is to create beautiful pin-worthy images, except I can't commit the time to spruce things up just so...or even hold the horizon level on the camera when I snap a photo! I need to get back to basics...)

There we go! I am supposed to pass it along, so I will nominate Caitlin from The Shingled House because she writes my favorite blog. Also check out Natalie from Veneer Designs, another awesome lady friend! Please visit Tanya's blog if you haven't done so lately!!  (Thanks Tanya!!!)

Enjoy the new photos. This is what the house looked like this morning!   

*The giant dirty montauk sofa sitting in the living room will get shipped off to an upholsterer's this fall, and then up to the cottage it goes! We got the sofa for a case of beer from Craigslist. I am not looking forward to picking a new fabric (too many choices!!) but I can't wait to get it out of here!!!

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