Monday, October 6, 2014

Art wall

It took a while to complete the art wall, because, you see that giant truck painting in the middle, at the bottom, blue truck? Well, I lost it. Yes - missing! I looked where I thought it should be, then I looked in a million places it might be, looked where it should be at least ten more times (in case it suddenly appeared) and then looked in a ton of places it couldn't possibly fit, but at that point I was going crazy. How could a large framed picture go missing?  Finally, I gave up, thinking it would appear, and a few weeks went by before it did. Where? Behind the large mirror in my living room - the mirror that leans against the wall. Oh, I am sooo organized! Ha!

Anyways, I love this group of prints and pictures! It took me a while to get a layout I liked.

My dear Natalie has asked me to do a post about art stuff, here's what I know:

Q. Where do you get your art?
A. Most of our stuff is from second hand shops (Goodwill, rummage sales, Craigslist, Kijiji, ebay, consignment store). A few pieces on the main floor are from galleries and two are directly from the artist. I also frame homemade art.

Q. How do you find art?
A. If I am at a thrift store, and my heart starts beating a little faster, I find myself a little paranoid - giving other shoppers the side eye if they come too close: that's when I know I love it! Or it is super cheap...whatever! Same rules apply online. I get this overwhelming urge to own something...then I weigh the price (including framing costs!) and think about space. 

Q. Any advice?  
A. Everyone has their own taste in art. Figure out what you are in love with and listen to you! Sky is the limit in terms of spending money on pictures. You will love something that is $5,000 but I guarantee there are things under $50 that you will equally cherish. Stay firm to your budget, always bargain. Don't rush it.

Q. How do you make sure you don't pay too much?
A. If I am at a thrift store, the price is usually under $20, no sweat! Craigslist and Kijiji sellers are willing to negotiate, and I do. Before I contact them, I look for similar items by the same artist online. I ask the seller when and where they bought it. I ask them how much they paid. I ask them why they are pricing it for $$. I am not shy. I am always willing to walk away if it is over my budget (arbitrary number - my budget doesn't relate to the art's value)  because there will be another picture. I don't care how perfect you think it is for your house, trust me when I say there will be another picture that fits your budget! Also, if the print is in a beautiful frame, that is 'saving' you $100 (approx) so keep that in mind when you are talking yourself into something!!

Here are the stories:

 1. I won this water colour in a giveaway on Designwali. I had it framed at a local framer.
 2. This print came framed, from Goodwill. The frame was blue and I painted it white. It used to hang in the boys nursery, on their bookshelves.
3. This paper collage was part of several pieces of art I bought from a collector I met through Craigslist. It was thrown in as a sweetener to the deal.
4. I brought this print home from London, UK. I found it at a thrift store. It fit in a ribba frame.
5. My oldest son painted this at a birthday party.
6. This print was going around the blogs in 2009 or 2010 when I first started paying attention to blogs. Early on I was swept up in the whole, "I want everything they have!" feeling. I still love this NYC poster. It used to hang in the boys nursery.
7. A small painting, my older son's first (I think), framed at a local framer.
8. I sent my parents out to St. Catherine's to pick up this print. I found it on Kijiji. It came framed.  It was from an older gentleman. It was a wedding present.
9. A small bunny bum (bunny jumping into the bushes) in a professional frame. I bought it as is, from Goodwill.
10. Naked Chickens!! This is a pencil crayon drawing I made in highschool. Still makes me so happy! Professionally framed.
11. Dinos...came as is, from Goodwill.
12. Someone's highschool art project, picked up at a church rummage sale.
13. Flashy, chunky painting. From 400 market in Barrie
14. My older son painted this a year or so ago.
15. City scene, from Goodwill. Off the shelf frame.
16. A page from an abstract art book, in a ribba frame.
17. DIY, potato stamping. Back when forest friends where a thing. Twee!

ps. Wouldn't the Barker Fairley print (previous post) fit into this room?
pps. I would like to add a cozy spot to curl up reading. Floor cushions, or a love seat, or comfy chair...
ppps. If I've done a similar post before, please forgive me. I know I have thought about writing something similar many times! My memory is pretty much wiped out. I started sprinkling lavender on my linens to maybe get to that deeper sleep.


  1. I loved reading the stories!

    One of my favourite things is when someone asks me where I got a certain piece of art. So fun to share the story and even better to walk down memory lane.

  2. great post, but I'm also intrigued by what's on the floor - is that a handmade, enormous chutes and ladders? I love it!

  3. Yup! That's Trucks and Ladders!!!

    Arial Fire Trucks - go up the ladder
    Race cars - roll again (go fast!!!)
    Street Sweeper - get swept back to start
    garbage trucks - get dumped down with the trash
    dump trucks - get dumped down with the dirt pumper truck - you slide down the hose
    Oh and rollers that made new roads, follow the arrows...
    Sky jack, get lifted up a row

    We bought the large cardboard from deserres. my son drew most of the trucks, including the crazy ladders. First, we coloured everything in marker, then we went over most of it with paint.

    Super duper fun game. We use Hot Wheels as our 'guys'

  4. omg such an amazing post. The wall looks great and I really love all the stories. I'm totally smitten with #14....its so happy. You are a great art hunter.

  5. Looks great! And the stories make it even better.

    Do you have plaster walls? (I have some vague memory of reading in another post that you do, unless I'm thinking of someone else...) I've been really timid about hanging art in my place because of the plaster - it's so easy to mess up a big chunk of wall when trying to tap in a nail. Do you have any picture-hanging tips?

  6. Hey BigDR!! We have plaster walls - except this wall! This wall was rebuilt 6 years ago during the first round of renovations when we stole the closet to make a big master closet.

    No tips! You can try 3M strips but things could come crashing down. I have messy walls with holes all over. Also cracks in places. I chose to ignore these things! Or put more art up to cover!


  7. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.