Friday, October 3, 2014

Pretty Litho - Barker Fairley

I was on hold with Crate and Barrel, ordering a gorgeous brass curtain rod for my bedroom, and I ran across this pretty litho on Kijiji. I don't know Barker Fairly, but I did a google search and I LOVE HIS WORK! This is fantastic!!

For a print it might be pricey, listed at $199 (but only $179 on the seller's website)...I don't know, I didn't pull any comps to see what his work goes for. I've only found good deals (after negotiating) buying art second hand.* 

Link to Kijiji Ad, here.  Go for it! and let me know!

*In other words, I would buy this, if I didn't, at the exact same time I laid eyes on it, spend $100 on a stinking curtain rod from Crate and Barrel.

ps. Listed Oct 1

From Google images:

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