Thursday, November 27, 2014

Master Bathroom

Master bathroom. I like it a lot.

The sconces are vintage from France (via Ebay). The chrome plates on the back (back plates?) are a duller finish than the fixture because the original slim boxes that came with the sconces would not cover the giant holes in the mirror. I am happy that the lights are installed and I figure future generations might come up with a prettier solution. A problem for another day. (No one is gonna notice.)

The vanity pulls are from Dayvan in Toronto. I insisted on this style. Everyday, I lay down with my youngest son at nap time until he falls day, I heard my contractor on his cell talking to the cabinet maker about pulls. I was in a bit of a dream state when I heard know, when you aren't fully conscious and snuggled into a warm bundle of little boy. Well, I ran out all bushy eyed and yelled: "STOP! NO HANDLES! NO HOLES! DON'T MAKE ANY HOLES!" How the hell does anyone renovate a house when they go to a real job*? Anyways, I think these pulls are 80's? (Yes, I'm making that up)... I don't know where I saw them before, or where the idea came from (online, of course). If it's not a thing, I would like to make it a thing. The handles were in the $5-$8 range, with contractor discount.
The hooks are from Restoration Hardware. No towel bar. I hate sharing towels. His and her hooks. Solved.

We need a shower curtain. The shower bar is one of those adjustable/tension bars, so it can be moved a smidgen higher. I need to get the height straight before curtains.

The wall between the vanity/toilet and the three way mirrors make my life. Who doesn't want to see the back of their head sometimes (all the time? never enough mirrors!!)

*This brings up the topic of how contractors decide when to make the call themselves, and when to ask the client. Whatever logic they use is beyond me. Also, when you 've waited months for something, and then they need a decision within 24hrs - that gets me too. Ahhh good old renos...definitely worth the trouble. 


  1. I'm just drooling over here trying to make some words come out...:)

  2. The three-way mirror is my favourite! How did you think of that? The concealed handles are ingenious - Ikea used to have them on two-tone Nyvoll dresser but they had since discontinued it, unfortunately.

  3. looks incredible! Love the shelf at the bottom of the vanity (totally copying that if I ever get to do another bathroom) and your ceiling light is gorgeous :)

    I've done the contractor thing on a basement reno and the process scared me so much we did the rest of the house ourselves!

    PS. love those pulls, we did similar ones on our BESTA Ikea units in the dining room and love them :)

  4. so beautiful! good save on the pulls! I think your understated choice is just perfect! also, i love the art above the toilet.

  5. That vanity!!!! It would have been a sin to drill through that, not to mention the fact that the pulls you chose look PERFECT on it. The bathroom just looks incredible...I love my bathroom every day I am in it. SUCH a worthwhile reno!! Enjoy

  6. Thanks Amelia! I am a happy camper too!

  7. I saw a photo online...I have it in my pinterest folder still...from a bathroom by Thom Filica.

    Gorgeous, right?!

  8. Thanks Emily! I will put a tiny something above the towels, or not...
    large art didn't work in the least not anything I already own!

  9. Thanks!
    Bathroom renos are the best because you spend a lot of time in there!!