Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Print: Far & Wide Collective

**Sponsored post**

Far & Wide Collective sent me this beautiful Limited Edition Miniature print by Tamim Sahib Zader.

I love the rich inky blue, the movement, the crispy delicate lines and the shape against the white background. The print is numbered 72/100.

**Keep reading to learn about a great company**

Far & Wide Collective is a Canadian company that connects artisans from developing economies with consumers in North America. In a short video on the Far & Wide Collective website, the founder,  Hedvig Alexander, says "As a development person, I think people should feel much more comfortable buying from us, than investing in charity; I think it is more efficient." This is a strong statement, one that they stand proudly behind. They believe that supporting artisans through trade is the most sustainable way to improve people's lives.
We believe that supporting individual craft producers and small businesses through trade is the most effective and sustainable way of improving people’s lives - See more at: http://www.farandwidecollective.com/pages/our-story#sthash.oMcQRjvQ.dpuf

The company pays the going market rate to craftspeople for their goods. In most cases, about 30% of the retail price goes to the artisans. The markup reflects shipping, logistics, and developing the market costs. Far & Wide Collective is currently reinvesting profits back into the business, to the benefit of more small businesses. They provide artisans with support, including help to get ready for the market. Currently, they are raising funds to empower Afghan artists, the "Afghan Small Business Fund

 What I love about Far & Wide Collective: Hand crafted, fair-trade, authentic, free shipping over $100, Canadian, beautiful, traditional, feeling good about spending, every item has a story.

**See who else is talking about Far & Wide**
  • Lainey Gossip (Sasha's Into it)  -"a stunted gift givers dream"
  • Toronto Life  - Get the Eyeball clutch, "you’ll be able to prove you’re not a fast-fashion follower. $199" (SOLD OUT! Others, here)
  • Toronto Star "What she has done with this noble commercial experiment is to connect the dots between the makers, who need a way to sell their creations more than they need well-intentioned yet ultimately unsustainable aid dollars."
  • Macleans - "she decided to go after the buyers interested in museum-quality pieces rather than souvenir trinkets"
  •  ...and more, here
ps. First sponsored post in some time. They provided me with a gift card of $100, and I was immediately drawn to the Tamim Sahib Zader print. It is beautiful! Subsequently, after becoming familiar with their goals, I donated $100 to their Afghan Small Business Fund. 

pss. Note that most of their artisans would not be able to sell on Etsy. Whether it's the ability to upload the content (literacy/English), having paypal or a credit card, or shipping products off one at a time. These conditions would leave many artisans in the developing world out

psss. Thanks for reading, guys. and check out the baskets from Kenya!!!

Tamim Sahib Zader

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