Saturday, April 25, 2015

New print, new watercolour

My first win from MaxSold - a cheap thrill!!

I love the red figure print by J.Joel. I know his work from, and this is his best!  I like the implied youth, androgyny and the colour mix.  The silver tee sparkles, and the same sheen is present in the mat.

The water colour landscape was a bonus. I can't make out the artist's name, which is something like Celia d. There's a white rectangular sticker on the back with "$12.00" and "243" written in a shaky hand, perhaps this owner bought it second hand themselves?  The frame backing is old, and has been opened and re-taped with masking tape that lost its stick. I peeked inside and at the bottom corner on the back of the water colour is another price, $2.85. It's like finding an old treasure. I think, for now, I will place it on the living room bookshelves.

Have you used MaxSold before? There was beautiful art listed this week out of Hamilton - but we already had the day planned out and couldn't sneak away from the city.

ps. I should be cooking right now! I want to make a tofu and black bean scramble this morning. ttfn!


  1. Love that J Joel red print! Always love a vintage watercolour, and even better when it comes in an impressive gilt frame.