Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rummage Sale

Here's what I bought at a church rummage sale last weekend:
  • potato masher
  • two cutting boards
  • ladle
  • Kensuke Wakeshima* print "Sunrise Valley" 
  • (Russian?) countryside painting
What can I say, but: needed it, didn't need them but will use them, needed it, loved it and loved it! The print was $50. I already tossed out the frame and I will re-framed in white. The painting was $5. The biggest score was the potato masher - only twenty five cents, yo!!!

*Kensuke Wakeshima's art was part of the summer 2014 exhibition, titled: “Artists from Postwar Japan Days of Struggle in New York, 1960s–1970”  I came across very little biographical information online. 

ps. to the people in line, the ones who jeered at the CHURCH VOLUNTEERS when they didn't open the doors on time, I am judging you.


  1. You remind me that I need to read more. Traditionally I've been a huge reader but am embarrassed to admit I've been reading Lorna Doone for like 9 months. Pathetic. My brain must be shriveling :/

  2. I have the same potato masher and ladle - they're old but work great. Love your artwork.

  3. I wish i read more up to now... I've read A HECK OF ALOT of scifi and fantasy adventure - they really did not open my mind.

  4. Rebeccas Tale is a great book, especially if you enjoyed Rebecca

  5. that print is so fantastic! I just love the colors. great finds!