Friday, January 29, 2010

Are you going to keep the toilet?

This question keeps coming up. The answer is, "well no, we aren't". Sure its a Kolher, sure someone else out there probably bought the same one at full retail price last week. But the toilet is just not my taste. (Ugh - are you allowed to use the words toilet and taste in the same sentence?)

Its called the Devonshire Comfort Height and its too old lady styles for me.  Too much old world charm. Designed to "carry traditional elegance throughout the room."  Dont get me wrong - we aren't looking for a space age toilet either.  I dont want any high-tech gadgets that close to my bum!  Something simple... the Toto Aquia (we bought this for the powder room). Small. Dual flush. Skirted (a skirted base is much easier to clean than those crazy undulations) and it effortlessly handles all of our #1s and #2s.

(Let me know if any of you are interested in a used toilet and I will get it reserved for you when demo begins.  We also have the matchy-matchy pedestal sink to go with it.  Otherwise we could possibly sell it on Craiglist - that's right folks, I just did a search for 'toilet' on Craigslist and there were 118 posts. Can you believe it?? That's not for me...I mean who knows what has taken place on a stranger's commode!?)

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