Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happens when you pick the wrong colour?

I slapped two coats of Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey on the bathroom vanity. (Its laminate, I primed it yesterday)

EEK...I went a tad lighter than the floor...but a tad greener too...OOPS!  Not a complete miss...do I let it ride, or start over??

I want the room to be boring, I mean tone on tone...monochromatic...simple...pared down...basic...you get the point.

update: ooooohhh in the fading light it looks soo beautiful...it really is a gorgeous grey....


  1. That is a gorgeous colour!! Do you have a photo of it next to the floor? Maybe it works?

  2. Ohhh are those the tiles next to it? Hmmm...

  3. That bad?

    I will haul it downstairs later tonight...it also needs 3rd coat cause the primer peeks through...

    i can't handle colour...but I could have gone to Tony at Eglinton Paints who would have custom matched it...well...I still have that option, sanding and painting these slabs isn't tough!

  4. It doesn't look green in your picture ... I like the contrast with the darker tiles.

  5. It is a lovely grey, but just because it's lovely doesn't mean that it's right for this particular application. If you don't think they work together now, then you will never think they work together. It may not bother some people, but most people who choose to put themselves and their families through a renovation are people who would be bothered by something like this. Changing a paint color at this stage is a relatively easy fix. There may be other things that develop during your reno that you have no choice but to live with, so why not make yourself happy in this instance? Finding the perfect grey is not easy. I stuck with Benjamin Moore because it's so easy and cheap to get the tiny test pots, and I found that most of their medium and dark greys had undertones of blue, green and purple, and it was most apparent when I created test swatches on bristol board and put them side by side in the room I wanted to use them in. I went through 5 test pots and swatches before I found one I liked. Maybe you could take your tile sample to the store when you look at the swatches and then buy a small test pot or two to bring home and use on a swatch to see on site?

  6. Ohhh are those the tiles next to it? Hmmm...