Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Watch for Giveaways coming soon!

Its feels like projects around the house have come to a complete standstill...we've re-implemented afternoon nap (for mom)...and my better half has taken on more of the domestic load (which means he doesn't have much time for extras)...As you can imagine, my focus for the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy will be on my two year old: building rockets; kicking a soccer ball; going on big walks; visiting toy stores; watching subway trains from the beltline; going to the library; taking music classes etc...just trying to make him feel special before he has to start sharing his mommy!

Anyways,  despite the absence of any BIG changes, I hope to keep you in the loop of the little changes and random things happening in our household.  Like what I am preparing for dinner! 

To add a little excitement (and as a thank you for sticking with 8foot6), I thought I would host a series of vintage giveaways!!...Small items I picked up from goodwill (or Paris fleas) that I still adore, but I never found the perfect place in my house for them!  I have collected a few goodies from the dark corners of my cupboards that I hope you will really love! So watch for the giveaways starting up soon!!