Friday, May 18, 2012

Bedside table clean up

Certain corners of my home spiral out of control.  Junk moves in and stays forever! I have no idea how this happens!!!*...I tackled the bedside table today and sorted it out!  Much better!

At night, my hair do-dads get tossed together into the big box in the drawer...I can't be bothered to sort them (elastics, clips, bobby pins).  When we lived in the condo (sooo long ago now!), I used to whip off my bobby pins and throw them at the dresser on the other side of the room (it wasn't a very large room).  Needless to say they NEVER hit their mark...I think this system is a huge improvement!

ps. I have 10 more books to read before the end of June to hit my goal of 50 books in 12 months...I am not so sure I can make it!  I went on a second-hand book buying spree yesterday...I am reading the skinniest on the pile, Cosmopolis (Hi RPatz!)
pps....moments after the photo, baby pooped up to his arm pits...




  1. Nice work! Now, would you like to come over to my house and organize my bedside tables?

    PS - where is your headboard from?

  2. First off that photo of the baby is super cute. Second, that book title 'this is why you're fat' is just depressing especially because you're so not.
    Thirdly, I barely use my nightstand drawer so there is nothing to get messy, my books are on my Kindle, but I do have a big pile of magazines that climbs to the picture frame and then goes to recycling.

  3. Nataliya @ styleINGwCHildrenMay 18, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    yeah, babies are fun like that :) that is an insane number of books!

  4. I am at awe how a tiny baby can poop so much in all possible directions! Today my 5 months old had to have a complete change of outfit and sheets!...your post is about organizing but that tiny part of your post really resonated with me...have you read Annabel?

  5. like your bedroom ! like your bedspread ! is it a king size ? is your bed a queen size or king size ... do you mind telling me where you got your bed spread .. also for king size bed should I used king size bed spread ? afraid it will be too small .. thanks for information

  6. Oh your sons are too sweet ;) Happy long weekend to you!

  7. Would I ever! I love sorting stuff!

    the headboard is from west elm, 3 years old now, made if jute

  8. I am on a book buying binge!
    The taller the stacks, the more incentive I have to read!

    (Ok, really? I am a book hoarder!)

  9. Haven't read it!

    The change mat is tossed into the wash after every change...I am done to the plastic cover because it wipes up easily...and forget the outfits...

    i carry full change of clothing, wipes and wash cloths along with diapers when we go out .... i am always relieved when he poops before we go anywhere!

    oh he started solids las

  10. The bedspread is from overstock!

    bedspread is king, bed is queen.

    i used to position the length of the bedspread side to side, so that it draped and sort of pooled on the floor... then i had throw pillows....

    lately, i have become anti-throw pillow (too cluttery) i turned the bedspread and tucked it around the sleeping pillows...still pretty long!

  11. You know we both found out about the long weekend on Monday?

    i remember a time when I knew if every long weekend, like the entire year's worth of long weekends was

  12. Looks something like my side table but right now I only have 2 books on top plus my baby journals. (White Noise is one of my all time favourite books!)

  13. exactly! each time he does his business before we leave the house, I do my happy dance!
    Just started reading Annabel, it is quite interesting. Public Library has many copies.

  14. These photos are gorgeous Shannon. And so organized! I am jealous of having the energy to be so tidy... Sigh.

  15. Room is looking so clean and tidy, i am wondering how did you managed to rather clean your bedside table. The room looking well organized. Nice effort.