Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is the foyer is missing something?

I swapped the winter rug for the summer rug...and I can't help but feeling like the room is missing something!

Maybe it's the lack of boots and shoes and everyday items that usually litter the floor?  This room feels clean, crispy and a little on the boring side!  The furniture and art is perfect! Don't get me's the styling.  Raw wood might help...a large sculptural plant (if we had the space), some natural fibers...

I recently added the hooks on the wainscotting next to the door.


  1. I love the way it looks now, so clean and fresh! Maybe some wicker blinds on the window? I love the colour of your walls, can you tell me the name of it?

  2. Hi Shannon...looks fab! I love that everything is organized and tidy (I always wish it could stay like that ;) What about a roman shade on the window? I did one in my kitchen about a month ago and love it. It was super easy and no sew. check it out...


  3. What about a basket next to the black chair? Like maybe these Or maybe something long and skinny under the console table or a pretty bright colored umbrella stand? I'm so jealous of all your pretty white wainscoting.

  4. uuugh! I am soooooooo JEALOUS of all the natural light your home has.....GORGEOUS!

    My foyer often has a crying baby in it....if you're looking for one I'd be happy to lend you mine! He currently has HFMD...seems to be an epidemic among the <18mo hip.

    No seriously - it looks awesome - keep it spare...maybe add a piece of driftwood on the window sill if you son can find one at the beach! But nothing else- it's great!

  5. I like the basket idea a lot.
    My five second reaction is:
    Maybe layer a jute-type-woven rug under yours (especially for summer).
    An umbrella stand/holder could add a sculptural element or some whimsy. There are a million great options. (oops Helen posted this too-- she has Great ideas!)
    Put stained glass in the window (some of the hanging ones are less kitschy) a new window with a stained glass transom would be my #1 pick.
    And I Hate to say this but I wish your large newell/ post at the base of the staircase wasn't painted white... maybe it could be stripped. I feel like you probably had it painted out during your reno so perhaps it is none of my business ;)

    But it looks soo clean and bright and welcoming sometimes if it isn't broken...

  6. Para Paint SIlver Fox P2238-4

    I hadn't thought of wicker blinds...those would give the texture I am looking for!

  7. That is soo easy! I wanted a roman shade but I find picking fabrics impossible (and intimidating)

    I was going to put up that white film stuff on the keep the sun out is strong (hot) in the summer!

  8. Those are good baskets! I usually put a basket in the winter, to hold mittens and hats and things...

  9. I pumped up the exposure compensation...but yes, it is a bright home!!!

    I have no idea what HFMD is!!!

  10. The woven rugs eat the finish off the marble, so I am reluctant...besides, we like to show off the marble in the summer!!!

    Umbrella stand! Yes!!! I have looked for one half-heartedly for ages...I saw a wicker one at an antique mall holding a bunch of wasn't priced, but I should have asked anyways...because I loved it! It was just a tall basket, more or less!

    Hmmm...the previous owners painted out the wood...we just touched it up...I never noticed this before?!

  11. Your home is just spectacular Shannon...I'm always blown away by your interior photographs.