Monday, January 28, 2013

Hungry for Change

"A world of abundance, and an attitude of lack"

"We are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products"

"...people are overfed, but they're also starving to death'

"as long as you are taking in more toxins than you are eliminating, your body won't let you burn fat..."

I just watched the documentary called, "Hungry for Change." It's about weight loss (or why your body might be holding on to fat), how our food choices might be starving us of nutrition, cleansing our bodies, and improving health and well-being through diet.  

I've been moving away from eating processed food. Some weeks I am a superstar, other times, a disaster. It's all about being prepared, as well as eating enough early in the day. When I feel hunger pangs it's too late. I need to stay ahead of my cravings!

The documentary emphasizes eating your vegetables! Of course!! I mean, of course you need to eat your vegetables! They suggest juicing to increase your intake - I think we will try it out!*

Does anyone 'diet' these days? Are we past that? Atkins was the last major diet I noticed people doing...I think the word is out that diets don't work. Are you trying to eat healthier? Whether it's for your appearance or your insides, get a copy of this video - I think you will enjoy it!  

*Any get healthy strategy that forces you to buy heavy duty equipment makes me snicker. It's not like cave men sat around drinking green juice. Still - sautéed kale makes me maybe this is yummier?! Hey, if it makes my skin glow, I will pinch my nose and guzzle it down!

Source: Quotations sourced from 'Hungry for Change' 


  1. ooh i should check it out. you inspired me to cut out processed sugar from my diet. Almost 1 month now. A few slips here and there but I'm not freaking out. i'm avoiding all processed sugar, dairy (except coffee milk) and white bread/rice. I feel good. Lost a few. But you are right on the prep. If i don't have it handy i get weak. I started yoga but really need to ramp up on the excercise. I definitely want to lose a few more and feel better about myself. slowly but surely.

  2. We've eliminated all meat and almost all dairy from our diet...and honestly, we have never felt better. Our daughter hates meat, so it just made sense for me to try and cook meatless for the whole family instead of just tossing some beans on her plate every meal - this way she at least gets a complete meal that I have put thought in to. It's not without it's challenges, but I figure if I can do it 80% of the time then it's better than nothing. If you aren't into kale check out this recipe. I am not a kale lover either, but I think this is delicious. I make it with crimini mushroom (cause I'm too cheap for portobellos) and barley instead of rice so it's chewier.

    What food is that with 9000 calories? I'm curious.

  3. I haven't dieting in over five years. You're right they don't work but I'm like you. I'm cutting back on the processed foods, have increased my water intake and stock my fridge of the right stuff. Some weeks are better than other, but c'est la vie.

  4. Oh it was just a meter they started at 0 and went to 10,000 while they were talking about soft drinks

  5. I have been working out 10 weeks now and the fat is not melting away...but these experts say detox is necessary...otherwise you reabsorb the toxins that are embedded in the fat, and your body keeps the fat on - it doesn't want those toxins roaming free...or something!

    net net I have to figure out how to eat aloe vera!

  6. ps I fit in my clothes and I have firmed up and all that...I am not unhappy with the way I look, I just don't understand why I am holding on to the fat! The extra cushion!

    Cutting the sugar is HUGE!!!!!! Such a giant step!!!!

  8. Good for you Sundeep! Slowly is the key, I think - too much too soon and it becomes too easy to quit (or at least so I have found). My other mantra is "Everything in moderation, including moderation" (always a good excuse for that glass of wine when you reaaaaaally need it). :)

  9. I've never been one to diet. I grew up eating mostly processed crap, but changed my eating completely when I went to university. Now we're cutting out meat (still eating fish on occasion) and rarely eat dairy. I have a SERIOUS soft spot for cheese however, so once in awhile I'll eat it and even then it's likely goat cheddar. Anyway, all that being said, I don't believe in depriving yourself. BUT you have to be smart about it. I'll have a cookie if someone offers it to me, but if you are constantly eating cookies then that is where the problem is. Eating healthfully is an acquired taste and once you figure it out, it's easy to resist crappy foods the majority of the time without feeling deprived. Sorry long and run on comment!

  10. haah love (and agree) with your disclaimer for juicers :) I am totally on board with everything in moderation and making food instead of opening a can/box - it's a pretty simple / straightforward way to get healthier!

  11. NK_StyleingwithChildrenJanuary 28, 2013 at 10:36 PM

    i'd love to check out the documentary.

    On the topic of diet... we have made a huge effort to eat everything from scratch. Smaller portions, less meat, way less gluten, way less sugar. I can't say that we have eliminated something altogether, but just work every day to make healthier choices. oh, and no food after 6pm-ish.
    I would say that eating healthier has become a huge deal, and I completely agree with you that it's all about being prepared, planning ahead and stocking your fridge right.

    I would LOVE to juice more consistently and find some yummy recipes. I also LOVE making smoothies, not the same, but I find it works great too. Of course, make sure you shove as much spinach, chia and flax seeds as possible, mix it up with berries and you're good to go.

    and i also found one thing that keeps me sane. i don't beat myself up for sometimes not making the ideal choice or being unprepared. it happens. mental health is just as important as physical health. they are linked in the most intricate way. i see a lot of people getting so worked up about their ideal healthy choices which are not always 100% possible that I wonder the effect this strive for perfection has on their mental health.

    I want to be better than i am right now, but i want to have a balanced approach too.

    thanks so much for bringing this up! great topic!

  12. NK_StyleingwithChildrenJanuary 28, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    it could be due to the changes in hormone levels or something else. I've recently gone to a wonderful naturopath who told me that while my diet was theoretically great, my body was seriously deficient in many minerals (not vitamins) that it needs to run properly(i had god knows how many tests done). And so she has suggested changes to what I eat in addition to a few very basic supplements that solved many of my severe and chronic health problems.

  13. our house has been on a gluten-free, refined sugar-free challenge for a while now (we have a bet that is keeping us going). we took a break at christmas and really went overboard. my teens felt so bad they were desperate to get back on! but i must say i really struggle with the sugar cravings - i have a hard time letting go of sweets. regarding the heavy equipment, i have a vita mix (heavy AND expensive), but it is the best thing we ever bought - we use it every day!

  14. I should go see a naturopath...I keep getting muscle spasms in my neck (poor me)...I wonder if its a deficiency thing!!!

  15. I find that since we had to go gluten free three years ago that I ended up getting really good at cooking from scratch. It was a really hard transition, but it feels like second nature now. I have to ask.... WHAT is the label from?!! YIKES!

  16. I've been trying to move away from processed food. It's so hard. I wish I had more stellar days and less fidsasters

  17. Disasters. That's what I meant. Yup.

  18. I would go for laser liposuction and then a healthy diet plan would make my body fit and smart consistently.