Monday, August 5, 2013

We did it for the trucks

"whatcha doing mum?"
"taking pictures of your bedroom."
"to show gramma and grampa?"
"to show everybody in the WHOLE WORLD?"

We had a pile of at least 40 new truck photos (including Toronto Zoo trucks!), and we needed to make we reorganized the furniture. 

ps. before.
Before works better with this carpet, since the carpet is rather narrow.  Notice the room doesn't have a closet (we stole it to make a master bedroom walk in closet.)  If we were to build a new closet, it would go where the dressers are now (Where the bed used to be.)  There is enough space for a queen size bed centred under the felt board, even if we took floor space away....We aren't going to do a closet until we have teenagers, so... no rush.  This fall, I am going to turn the nursery into a joint bedroom for the boys, probably around November, when my little one turns two. Then the bed comes out of this room, and the toys move back in! 

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  1. Really cute room. My son who is now 16 would have loved this room - trucks were his thing too.