Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A colour explosion



My son's room
Storage, yes! Cozy, yes! Toys, yes! Books, yes! Space to play, yes!

Is it done? No!

We will add more photos to the wall to make wallpaper (48 truck photos so far)...the toys change, the books change, the felt board changes...always more art for display. This room is constantly in motion!

Colour!!  KA-POW!   
(Before shots)

- Same wall colour as the rest of the house, para paint silver fox P2238-4
- Grey curtains were originally bought for the guest room, Silk Grommet Window Panel, West Elm
- Circle garland made for his first birthday party
- Carpet was previously in the master bedroom, Dash and Albert, Tattersall Navy/Beige
- Ikea Malm 4-drawer chest and Ikea Expedit Shelving unit
- Duvet from Goodwill (new in package)
- Bed frame from Craigslist
- Front facing bookshelves made by Kerry's dad 
- Tulip Chair from Craigslist
- Plaid throw from Iberia airlines 1990-something (on tulip chair)
- Blue Throw made by mom
- Car tins from Paris
- Red Stripe Pillows


  1. What an inviting and fun filled space. Lucky boy.

  2. its the opposite of calm....that's for sure...there is sooo much stuff! Little boy stuff!

  3. April @ Money Pit LoveMarch 20, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    I. LOVE. IT. Just saying.

  4. Looking good! Love the truck photos on the wall :) (PS - also lovethat you have a blanket circa '90's from an airline! haha)

  5. NK_StyleingwithChildrenMarch 20, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    Love how colourful it is. Also love that it is 100% a kid's room, without being cliche. Amazing job :)

  6. It looks great and I'm sure he loves it! We did the same thing with the Ikea bookcase on its side - isn't it perfect for toy storage and all sorts of displays (it's all about lego here)!

  7. Love it. The garlands over the neutral curtains look so festive!

  8. It is very cosy and functional,nice pictures

  9. fisher price's little people!! and not the bs ginormous ones they have nowadays! i must be missing some pieces from the orange/yellow/red things you have in the second pic. i never knew what that toy was (hand me down) but i definitely don't have those green/blue people?

  10. Yah, I stole it when I was 15...shame shame

  11. Its some kind of train thing...my son used to love it...he still plays with it from time to time...

    green and blue men and women...they also fit into the circles of the wheels...you can really build some fun trains!

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