Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What ever happened to...

Take a look at my front yard! It is overrun with crab grass, wild flowers, broad leaf weeds, dandelions, and many more of the wrong kind of weed. It's impossible to keep the clover alive.

It's green, and pretty in a way. If only it looked the same as the first summer it was planted:

It's over. 

I will mow it bi-weekly to keep it short, and eventually rip it up and try something new. 

RIP clover.

ps. I've written about how great it looked initiallycrab grass taking overmuddy in the spring,  accidentally adding dwarf seedsa source for seeds, and my denial that the yard was doomed.

pps Changed the post title from "Clover yard looks awful" to "What ever happened to..." because I am a softy

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